In 1989 my Father died of a heart attack in a brutally hot summer. The weather and heat have gotten worse since then. When I saw lemons growing on a porch in Nutley NJ it was stunning. Part of me says we have less air pollution than we used to. Has the ozone layer still retreated ?

I remember when fans in you hand residence or dept. store were normal. Not sub-freezing temperatures on mass transit or in every store. We are off-kilter in too may ways. …

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DPQuinn | New Jersey 7/31/21

The Know Nothing Party has been reborn thanks to djt. As the rest of us watch The Dance of Death once again is on the move. Their comments are lethal and insidious. More people will die just because of them.

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18 months later.

We are still working from my studio home/office for 400 days downtown Newark on a pro-bono basis primarily.

Having restructured ArtsPR, I composed or wrote 1,200 Constant Contact t to 228, 420 outreach contacts. Of those…

  2. Daniel P. Quinn is a theater producer/director and playwright who lives in in Newark. He has been working in professional…

danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

Maurice Ravel’s LA VALSE is a great example as a Dance of death in Balanchine’s ballet LA VALSE. The assembled crowd is there to party unknowing…

DPQuinn | New Jersey

Oxymoron at best; billionaires buy Justice as the rest of us watch bystanding.

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daniel p quinn

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