ArtsPR thrived in 2017

We Celebrated Lyons + Paterson on 2/19/17 with Congressional Proclamation from Honorable Bill Pascrell with a corollary lecture on Paterson & Lyons at NJPAC at the Orchestre de Lyon concert.

commemoration in Newark on 3/17/17. LITERARY BOOK SIGNINGS AND PUBLICATIONS AT MEADOWLANDS MUSEUM, Kilkenny Alehouse, Wiiliam Carlos Williams Center, and more. IDaniel P Quinn read at the Willliam Carlos Williams Center on Tue 6/7/17.

We were at Luigi’s 6/22 in Newark, NJ,
+ July 11th at Biricchino for
Fundraising event(s).

Weds. 8/23/17 at 730pm.
Mark Decker, Esq, was our special guest
to discuss SACCO & VANZETTI with me: via #constantcontact.

Newark Italian Emigration in the 1920's.
with “organzied labor” ( + Book Signing:
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., + Daniel P Quinn.
Weds. 9/13/17 at 7pm.
Special thanks to Express Newark, a Rutgers University-
Newark Collaboratory, for co-hosting our event.

Daniel P Quinn did a reading
“Quintillion’s Quintet 4 Newark” in
Red Wheel Barrow # 10.
Oct. 4th, 2017 at
William Carlos Williams Ctr.
with other authors in Rutherford, NJ.

On Fri. 9/30, my Irish work will debut at the GainVille Café Reading Series, in Red Wheelbarrow # 9.
The GainVille Café: 17 Ames Av, Rutherford, NJ at 7 PM.
GUEST ARTISTS Ellen Lanese, Anthony Spaldo.

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that *Eire-volution via (Alexander) Bell and the Bronx” has been accepted for Red Wheelbarrow #9 in 2016 also at The Williams Center on 10/5/16.

Books and magazines will be for sale from “organized labor’ to
“Exits & Entrances: 25 Years Off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond.” ( Daniel P. Quinn has produced and directed from Soho to The Short Play Festival, Irish Institute, Lincoln Center, and OBIE Award as Producer. NPR radio featured “organized labor” w/ Bonnie Grice.

Dual Publications:

Queen V. or (The Rise and Fall of GLORIA VANDERBILT) by Local Knowledge Press and “Eire-volution via (Alexander) Bell and the Bronx,” in 2016,

Francine Trevens compiled and edited 2 of my Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT Books) an intriguing variety of works by award-winning American playwrights.

“Short Plays is a goldmine of terrific plays. Enjoy fine writing, it’s great fun — and mind-expanding — to sit down and read the collection from front to back. Short Plays… will remind you that people are forever quirky, lovable, and fascinating”. FLT Press review on the web.


-- New York Times blogs; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (; “organized labor“ (; PAJ etc.

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