ArtsPR rejects “fake news” in 2018.

ArtsPRunlimited rejects the high-end art auction at Sotheby for now-dead artists, the newly released $998- tkts for Bette Midler in HELL(o) DOLLY the scandalous deconstruction of Arthur Miller’s CRUCIBLE recently on Broadway, and the scathingly decadent production of ROSENKAVALIER via London at The Met.

ArtsPR rejects Las Vegas as a shooting gallery as distortions of gun-control out of control not a right to bear automatic weapons like a macabre video that is already unleashed continuously on the web as pornographic violence.

We protest the exploitation of dead artists work for profiteering. The moral imperative would be at least to donate proceeds to living artists or Foundations.

We mourn Twitter as a mouthpiece for almost anything from The White House.

-- New York Times blogs; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (; “organized labor“ (; PAJ etc.

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