Trump Days of reckoning and recklessness.

As we begin to clearly see Trumps mind bending comments, fake facts, and disregard for decency, we must respond in kind. We too must expand on the 21st century and our malaise. When the TV media began Hollywood Mania programs (including Trump)in lieu of the evening news at 7pm, they were at fault.

The stock market rises to new heights of madness, but it must correct itself from this rampant speculation.

We must begin to recognize the 30 years of separation between a living wage that stopped rising decades ago (if one factors in both parents working full time jobs and the present decline of living standards.

In 1977, I was a substitute teacher paid $125-per day. In the last few years, that salary has decreased to $70-per day, a 40% collapse in salary with a Master’s Degree.

Daniel P Quinn’s “organized labor” is a homage to the past and a warning in prose for the present. 2019 is the Centennial on the Paterson strike as featured in “organized labor,” when immigrants and my family worked 12 hour days, 6 days a week. Sunday was the only day off.

Daniel P Quinn has already appeared at John Jay College/CUNY; Paterson Museum, American Labor Museum, Lincoln Center Library, and Library of Congress. His program at Lambert Castle included stirring Aria’s by Enrico Caruso recorded from 1911–13 for the Passaic County Historical Society. Daniel P Quinn is also a union member of the Society of Stage Directors Union in NYC.

Olympia Dukakis: on FANGS TO RICHES: “As a great many indictments of American culture…if performed w/gusto… it would have a strong impact….be an ideal project…for an audience. You’re a very talented man. “ Olympia. 2010 Next Generaton INDIE finalist award winner SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER ISBN 978–1–886586–14–7

Finalist in Performing Arts category — 2012 USA Best Book AWARDS from BOOK NEWS! 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Finalist Award winner compiled and edited by Francine L. Trevens — an eclectic collection of 27 plays by 14 American authors: Perry Brass, Jane Chambers, David J. Mauriello, Sidney Morris, William F. Poleri, and Daniel P. Quinn / Irish Echo / AUGUST 29 — SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 / Page 20 Echo Arts; Lifestyle Page Turner / Edited by Peter McDermott featuring Daniel P Quinn.

organized labor ( by daniel p quinn earned 4 stars on web.



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