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Frida Film Festival

April 2023

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Our second nod for Exits and Entrances (AuthorHouse.com) in 2023 on Film Freeway. Our 55th Selection for all of other 5 projects from SACCO & VANZETTI : BURN !!! to AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu.com) as well.

Here is an encore from Italy on our Antonio Masini outreach and our collection of his work in the USA.

Porta Cœli Foundation

+39 0972 36 4 34


Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize at Vicchio

Antonio Masini. L’uomo nel vento/Man in the wind

the way through lucania

critical text by Donato Faruolo

What we are setting up at the Museum Casa di Giotto on the figure of Antonio Masini is a verification of an almost chemical nature, of laboratory observation of phenomena, of changing the conditions of exposure of matter to measure its characteristics, reactions and behaviour.

Faced with the possibility of holding the final exhibition of the first edition of the Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize at Vicchio, in the “Casa di Giotto”, we felt the need to substantiate our presence in this questioning and emblematic place with the authoritative testimony of an artist who was undoubtedly one of the greatest Lucanians of the second half of the twentieth century. We have therefore gathered in these rooms some of his works that are in the possession of the Porta Cœli Foundation, and that have witnessed a significant part of his career: we need them to “celebrate” this moment, we need Masini to respond to an inescapable need for symbolic significance.