NIKON Award Film at Morris Museum.


We are presenting JE SUIS TUNISIEN 2045 on 5/17/18 at the Bickford Theatre in the Morris Museum. Call 973–971–3707 for advance tkts.

ArtsPRunlimited and Daniel P Quinn have developed thisF cultural exchange proposal via Tunis and the Pax Hannibal Alliance. We are very excited and committed to in spite of all the violence in the Arab world to show this award winning Tunisian Film in NJ.

Daniel P Quinn is an Award winning member of the Society of Stage Directors in Manhattan. His work has also been shown regionally at Burlington County College’s Foundation Theatre, Greene County Art Awarness Festival, Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, Snug Harbor, Rutgers University, William Carlos Williams Center, and Grover Cleveland National Landmark and Mitzi Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center. He has premiered plays by Edward Bond in NYC, and Tom Murphy in Rome, Italy. He was also a guest of the French government for a Lyons, France exchange with his Arts Festival in Paterson, NJ, and a guest of Aer Lingus at the Dublin Theatre Festival. He has also appeared on the Today show, NPR radio for his book “organized labor”, and else where on the web and for his memoir Exits & Entrances.

Tunisia, it must be noted, was the first country to sign a Treaty with the USA in 1779 recognizing American independence My interest in Tunisia began with a major art show from ancient Roman mosaic’s. Displayed in floor length frames in the Grand Foyer of The Kennedy Center they were thrilling objects in DC. The show was a gift from Tunisia that honored the Bicentennial in 1976 (when I was in grad school at American University). recognizing American independence. Je Suis Tunisien 2045 can be seen with corporate Sponsors for this Newark Tunis Premiere. ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. announces enthusiasm for Newark Goes Baroque Cultural Exchange Project which we have been developing since 2009. The recession waylaid these plans but we have maintained our connection with Tunisian colleagues in Tunis since 2011. We began corresponding with colleagues in Tunisia about cultural exchange in Newark.. We have promoted a profound vision in the Arts as a force for the greater good in our time since 1981. After the Arab Spring in Tunisia, I began a correspondence with colleagues from there on\the collaboration.. A general marketing theme could include Folk and Chamber Music; Dance, and Roman Art. Future events could include their National Theatre in Tunis which recently toured European Festivals but not the USA. This Tunisia festival is dedicated to the memory of Luca Ronconi, born in Tunisia, but became famous as successor to Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, who died in 2015. The theme is Newark Tunisia working with The Hannibal Alliance in Tunis. Tunisia as a Mediterranean North African country with an enormous history from ancient times to the present. We could embrace Southern Italy, and the Mediteranean for cultural outreach from Newark and Naples to broaden the audience and awareness of this audience at NJPAC.. We salute Tunisia and have contacts there for the Arts and cultural exchange for NJPAC in NJ. ArtsPRunlimited, Inc congratulates The National Quartet in Tunis for winning the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015. Bajeddine Akkari has been our contact and colleague in Tunisia. Fluent in Arabic, French, and English, Mr. Akkari was a founder of The Hannibal Alliance after their Revolution since 2012. He has taught me a great deal about their much maligned and corrupt regime that ruled Tunisia after its independence from France in 1956. We began an ongoing correspondence with me since then.. He is an engineer in the Aeronautics industry and enlightened colleague.

This is an antidote to recognize, peace, justice, and the Arts in our time here and there as well.



Daniel P Quinn,

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