Exits and Entrances (AuthorHouse.com) wins Official Selection Award on Film Freeway (2023) in Rome, Italy.

Daniel P Quinn
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Exits and Entrances (AuthorHouse.com) wins award on Film Freeway as best book in 2023 in Rome, Italy.

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DPQuinn | New Jersey 9/17/21

Having produced and seen opera since I was in high-school EVERY performance that goes well is a miracle. There have been disasters at The Met, NY City Opera between management and singers; directors and designers; stage-hands and stage managers and Off-Broadway. Don’t break a leg is often in play on or off-stage. My book: Exits and Entrances (AuthorHouse.com) chronicles 30 years of some of these. Break a leg but look 3 times in all directions., believe me

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