Honoring Tunisia on the 10th Anniversary of their Arab Spring in 2021. Remembering our invitation for Tunisia Independence Day at Home of the Ambassador in Washington, DC. Tunisia also won a Nobel peace prize.

Above is the World Heritage Site of ancient Carthage. Hannibal bought his elephants across the Alps and defeated Rome (circa) 230 BC. He is considered one of the Greatest Generals of all time.

We tried to gain support for our Tunisia Project, but were unable to do so. It could still a viable project especially now with Biden as President.

We began planning The Tunisia Project with Hannibal Alliance and Behjeddine Akkari in 2011 in Tunis. I had done a major effort to contact colleagues here and there. Our plans include a showing of Award winning film JE SUIS TUNISIEN. It is a parable when Europeans want to move en-masse to Tunisia for their survival. It has won some Film Festival Awards in Europe and would be timely for us as well in the USA. The Olive Oil from Tunisia also recently won a Gold Medal.

My first cultural encounter with Tunisia was a show fro m Tunisia of Roman mosaic’s at the Kennedy Center. They were thrilling objects as a gift from Tunisia that honored our Bicentennial. One pristine example remains on view on the rooftop plaza of the Kennedy Center building as a permanent gift from Tunisia in Washington, DC.

Tunisia, it must be noted, was the first country to sign a peace Treaty with the USA in 1779 recognizing American independence.

We have maintained our connection with Tunisian colleagues in Tunis since 2011. ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. has a profound interest in the Arts as a force for good in our time and Intercultural resource on Word Press and The New York Times blog comments they have published for many years.

On the occasion of the 61st Anniversary of Tunisia’s Independence Day, the Ambassador of Tunisia to the United States. Mr. Faycal Gouia and his wife were hosts at their Residence, in Washington, DC, in 2017.




The New York Times (500 Blogs); AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu.com); “organized labor“ (AuthorHouse.com); Newark, Italy and me (Lulu.com) Perfoming Arts Journal.

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Daniel P Quinn

Daniel P Quinn

The New York Times (500 Blogs); AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu.com); “organized labor“ (AuthorHouse.com); Newark, Italy and me (Lulu.com) Perfoming Arts Journal.

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