Lincoln, Balls and us 2023

Subject: Big Apple Circus as Untappedny 20 23.

Big Apple Circus as UntappedNY 20–23.

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Daniel P Quinn | New Jersey 11/17/23

When I worked with Cultural Council Foundation, The Big Apple Circus did Benefits to help support us at CCF in the 1980's.

Times change and the informative and enthuiastic review updates us all on the disappearance and re-appearance of Big Apple for Manhattan itself, and your NJ cousins. The impressive new tent caught my eye on our way to Un Ballo in Maschera at the Met.

The Arts community could showcase Mascera on the loose too… BRAVO a tutti !!!

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 12/13/20

It is interesting that Al Gore mentions ’40 years of economic stagnation” that would include his 8 years as Vice-President !

Am I missing something ? Like his own culpability as a child of a wealthy family ? And relative of Gore Vidal ?

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danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ 6/27/20

A prescient and ennobling look forward. Way beyond the horrid glimmers of djt, fascism, 2001, and 1984 but the wealth disparity must be broken. I tried to buy into Wall St with a few hundred dollars of GM and Lucent stock. They all crashed and I got nothing. Somehow, the Government revived GM and left their shareholders in the dust.

Maybe Wall St has to crash and burn as well, as the American dream became a massive fraud from the Banks to Wall St, Corporate Golden Parachutes and what else ? 2030 must do better or we will all be going down with this ship in a very sorry state.

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