While I certainly share the outrage about Harvey Weinstein among other famous powerful individuals. There should be a broader picture here for all individuals like myself who have been sexually harassed by bosses or superiors who have all been men.

From a monk who was too close to me on too many occasions to my “boss” at a NYC non-profit, to a commercial Broadway producer who asked me permission for him to take off his short during our business meeting. It was unbelievable, but I left the meeting early.

Years later, I contacted the Head Abbot of the Monastery, who used my name with the priest. He denied any kind of emotional sabotage. My claim was summarily dismissed but it happened. Students were pummeled at the school by priests as well. In another context my “boss” who was having out of office affairs in an ethnic NYC non-profit.

While still married his girlfriend got pregnant. As a repressed bisexual he would come on to me in the office. Body to body and scream or insult me, as well as unverbalized but physical contact.

After I raised a $100,000 grant for this organization, I was dismissed. His girfriend got my job, and I got the shaft.

Let’s get real. This broader harassment picture should be discussed as well.

Blogger in The New York Times (2020/21), AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu 2019); “organized labor “ 2005 (Author House) Herald News; Performing Arts Journal.

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