Newsletter: August- October 2017

8/23/17 was the 90th Anniversary of the execution of
“We all appreciated your taking us through the tumultuous history of the early 20th century, which set the stage for the Sacco and Vanzetti travesty of justice.” M. Decker, Esq.

“thank you for last evening” A+A Consultants.
Gutson Borglum did a memorial to Sacco and Vanzetti
displayed in the Boston Public Library to
add to your excellent list of events prior to and
during the travaglio of Sacco and Vanzetti”.
best, Verdoni, A+A Consultants Wine Importer & Lecturer.

We can do programs on Labor or Italian Emigration to New World in the early 20th century. This would also feature “organized labor” by Daniel P Quinn featuring my NPR interview by Bonnie Grice + CD broadcast of SACCO & VANZETTI from my Off-Broadway production.
We were at Express Newark, in NJ. with book signings via ArtsPR.

“Congratulations! Since 2015, all of my work has been accepted for
Red Wheelbarrow press at the William Carlos Williams Center this year on 9 at the GainVille Café and at the WCW Center upstairs on 10/4/17 both in Rutherford, NJ.

My 3rd play QUEEN V. (Local Knowledge Press) has been a
workshop project at Theatre for the New City as well with Mary Tierney.

Books and magazines will be for sale from “organized labor’ to “Exits & Entrances: 25 Years Off-Broadway,Opera and Beyond.” Daniel P. Quinn has produced and directed from Soho to The Short Play Festival, Irish Institute, Lincoln Center, and OBIE Award as Producer. NPR radio featured “organized labor” with Bonnie Grice. We remain grateful for the support of Flora Higgins/Newark Library, Claudio Abbado. Edward Bond, Olympia Dukakis & Stephen Sondheim.

Blogger in The New York Times (2020/21), AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu 2019); “organized labor “ 2005 (Author House) Herald News; Performing Arts Journal.

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