Norway, Denmark, Ibsen and Usa.

Daniel P Quinn
2 min readMay 29, 2021


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My salute to Atlantic Crossing on PBS.

Just by happenstance I started watching Atlantic Crossing. It was a moving, dramatic series about Norway before and during WW II. An important insight into little known Nordic history with a stirring score and multi-lingual cast.

  1. Kyle MacLachlan was FDR, and Sofia Helin as Norwegian Crown Princess Martha; Tobias Santelmann as Prince Olav; Søren Pilmark as Olav’s father, King Haakon VII and Harriet Sansom Harris as Eleanor Roosevelt.
  2. The epic, political drama was filmed in Czech Republic and Norway.
  3. “It had the highest budget in Scandinavia for any TV series. We put all the resources we had into it,” said producer Silje Hopland in Variety.

Brilliantly done.

More Norwegian-Danish cultural history. I did not know that Ibsen wrote his plays in Danish which became Norwegian. PEER GYNT is his most performed play in Norway, which we know primarily by Edvard Grieg’s astounding music.

When I worked on my Edward Bond cycle our publishing contact was John van Knorring who was Norwegian as well.

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